‘Give Back’

Our Trusted Partners

At Akira Grateful we honour and protect humanity by supporting charities. Not only do we share positive messages of gratefulness but we help fund charities that support youth homelessness and those in poverty.

We work with trusted impact partners to ensure our donations go directly to those in need.

Some of the ways that we will donate and give back includes financial donations of profit to charities, physical charitable donations of products for raffles or silent auctions and general word of mouth promotions and specific projects.

Our concept that commenced in 2020 is to run as a profit business, investing back into developing more products and maintaining our inventory, at the end of financial year, allocated funds will be distributed to our impact partners through our trust.

Lighthouse Foundation

Lighthouse Foundation provides homes and therapeutic care programs to children and young people impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness. The focus of Lighthouse is to create caring communities where kids can feel safe, form meaningful relationships and begin to heal from traumatic experiences. For the past 30 years, Lighthouse’s proven Model of Care has successfully transformed the lives of over 1000 young people using a range of evidence-based strategies. They also educate and support foster carers in the same way, so that they too can take care of some of Australia’s most vulnerable children.

Lighthouse have about 15 homes all over Melbourne, currently housing and providing therapeutic care to many kids. The types of programs they have are:

Young Parents Program: This highly regarded and unique program provides therapeutic live-in care which enables vulnerable young homeless girls and their babies to be supported in a safe and therapeutic home. Experienced, live-in carers support the young parent to learn parenting skills, and form a healthy, secure attachment with her baby and eventually help the young parent to their own home. Usually, two or three young parents and their babies can live in each one of the three large Lighthouse homes that currently operate the program.

Young Women’s Freedom Program: A unique program in a care home specifically dedicated to supporting girls and young women who have left or are at risk of entering into an early/forced marriage and escaping modern day slavery. These homes are the first Australian safe refuges designed to meet the recovery needs of these young women and girls. Referrals come from a range of sources including the Australian Federal Police and Red Cross. Lighthouse provides 24/7 live-in care and wraparound therapeutic support to help young women overcome their traumatic life experiences, build relationships and heal in a safe and secure environment.

​Teenagers & Young Peoples Program: This Program is for adolescents who are homeless or coming out of the out-of-home care system. The program accommodates up to 4 young people with live in therapeutic carers in homes spread across the suburbs of Melbourne.

Toddlers & Children’s Program: This Program (also known as Secure Base) is an early intervention program that cares for little ones under the age of 12 who have highly complex needs and require intensive 24-hr support. This program was developed in response to an urgent need for care via the DHS Child Protection Unit. These children have often experienced significant trauma with a profound negative impact on their psychosocial, cognitive, and physiological development and mental health.

If you’re interested in partnering with us please reach out to our team.

Many thanks.

Start Today With a Grateful Heart


At Akira Grateful we honour and protect humanity by supporting charities
worldwide. Each time you pick one of our products you not only remind yourself to be grateful but you also ‘give back’ to those less fortunate than you. Because by being grateful for the good in our own lives we can share our loving vibes with others across the globe who need our help.

“I’ve never seen a smiling face that wasn’t beautiful.”