Our Story

Akira Grateful was born from a desire to give back. To return the opportunities it’s founder Priyantha was given since arriving in Australia nearly 37 years ago.

Born in Sri Lanka Priyantha’s early childhood is marked by memories of the Sri Lankan Civil War…

‘I was 11 when the civil war in Sri Lanka began. As ethnic riots raged, many Sri Lankan civilians were killed and many more made homeless. Angry mobs took part in frightening rampages, setting fire to houses and to businesses, leaving nothing but devastation in their path. We were among one of many families affected by the civil war and our house was also set on fire. I still carry the memory of ‘Black July’ with me today.

Our family decided to locate to the East of Sri Lanka which soon became a breeding ground for terrorism and the war escalated. On many occasions my brother and I were forced into hiding for fear of persecution and kidnapping by the terrorist movement or the military forces. I remember how my mother would ask us to hide underneath the bed and to keep quiet until the terrorists movement or the military forces left the area.’

~ Priyantha

After finally receiving word their Visa application was approved, the family settled in Melbourne in 1986 and began to slowly rebuild their life.

Priyantha has gone on to marry and have three beautiful children. He has started and continues to run a business in the cosmetics industry and the opportunities presented to him in Australia have been rewarding and enriching.

It’s now time for Priyantha to fulfil another dream with the development of the Akira Grateful brand. Reflecting on the many organisations who welcomed his family to Australia, providing hope, friendship and support, Priyantha’s aim is to ‘Pay It Forward’ and give back to those less fortunate with the Akira Grateful brand. The ‘Give Back’ program hope to support charitable organisations that are supporting those affected by youth homelessness and poverty.

All Akira Grateful products are made locally in Australia and are free from nasties like Parabens and Sulfates.

Our fragrances are derived from natural scents inspired by Priyantha’s homeland
of Sri Lanka – Gota Kola, Cinnamon, Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass,
Green Tea, Tamarind, Mango, Coconut, Pineapple, Papaya, Lotus Flower and Guava

The word ‘Akira’ in Priyantha’s native language means ‘to have graceful strength’ and also ‘Akira’ represents the first or middle initials of the family, Alicia, Keith, Ingrid, Rajkumar, Ashlyn.

Priyantha brings his families story, their strength and grace in the face of adversity as well as their ultimate gratefulness for life in Australia to you, each time you purchase an Akira Grateful product.

Many thanks.

Start Today With a Grateful Heart


At Akira Grateful we honour and protect humanity by supporting charities
worldwide. Each time you pick one of our products you not only remind yourself to be grateful but you also ‘give back’ to those less fortunate than you. Because by being grateful for the good in our own lives we can share our loving vibes with others across the globe who need our help.

“All dreams can be a reality, we just need courage to make a difference even when the odds are overwhelming”